Steel Soap
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Steel Soap

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars


Removes food odors and other bad scents from hands and skin like magic!

  • Eliminates odors on hands after meal prep.
  • Neutralizes smells from garlic, onions, fish, burgers, and more.
  • Safe and reusable. Never wears out!
  • Environmentally friendly.

Product Description

Ever notice how commercial kitchens always have stainless steel countertops and sinks? That's because stainless steel has natural microbial properties that neutralizes the sulfur naturally found in certain foods.

Now there's Steel Soap, the soap-sized stainless steel bar that eliminates odors like magic! Food odors like fish, onion, garlic, and other strong scents from hands and skin are neutralized on contact. Just rinse your hands and rub Steel Soap on your hands the same way you would use a regular bar of soap, and in about 30 seconds, all of the odors disappear!

We didn't believe it at first either, so we tried it after grilling garlic-stuffed burgers... you know you normally can't get that smell off, but with Steel Soap it was like it never happened. It's kryptonite for odors!

The science behind it is that the sulfur from the onion, garlic, fish, and tons of other foods and food additives contain anino acid sulfoxides, which form sulfuric acids when exposed to water. That's why your eyes burn when you cut onions and why food smells stay on your hands even after you wash them thoroughly. When these compounds come into these compounds bind to the stainless steel, which neutralizes them on contact and removes the odor from your fingers.

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